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Memoir of International Conference "Discussions on Cross-border Co-operation Among Countries in the Balkans", Trebinje, October 27th 2006, in PDF format, in SERBIAN , ENGLISH or GERMAN lanugage.

It is a pleasure to acquaint you with an overview of our work, achieved to date, and with the results accomplished by NGO "Women's center" in Trebinje.

A group of citizens including 20 men and women founded, in 2002 in Trebinje, "Women's Center Trebinje", an Association for helping children and women, victims of domestic violence. 

The Association emerged as an expression of the need to publicly speak about violence against women and children, which was, until that time mostly regarded as a private problem related to individuals, not as an issue affecting the entire society.  The deeply rooted stereotypical and patriarchal postures on the position and role of women in the society and family created "taboo subjects" regarding certain interrelations between men and women.  Silence reigned over domestic violence issues, thus they remained, most often, deeply hidden, destroying both the familial system along with individuals within it.  With the desire to contribute to resolving this global problem, primarily within our region, but also the state and wider, we spread our activities to different spheres of life and work in order to provide the most adequate response to this challenge. Although our activities are directed towards various fields (for example: social life, medical service, welfare, economy), which apply different methodologies, their goal is common: to improve the position of women in the society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, primarily through development of partnership between men and women in the family and society.

Our mission is to fight for human rights of children and women in all segments, as well as economic empowerment of women.

The work of our Organization was based on the assessment of needs, consequently the results were a product of recognized needs and our voluntary contribution to meet them.

Our Organization currently has 28 members, who contribute to the development of the organization owing to their credibility, professionalism and authority.  Two persons are engaged as full time employees, 10 persons are occasionally engaged based on temporary and short-term contracts, while 7 people volunteer and are tasked to implement various activities.

Executive Director
Ljiljana Cickovic


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