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supported by OAK Foundation

Three-year general support that the OAK Foundation provided to our organization is of key importance for the work and development of our organization and for the general benefit of the society (regarding women, particularly from vulnerable categories) within the local community and on the entity, state and regional level. Our organization has a three-year plan and program. During the first year and owing the support of the OAK Foundation, we were able to accomplish numerous results and participate on a number of seminars, meetings and educations, which contributes to the development of our capacities.

Objective 1.Support to victims of domestic violence through a number of direct services.

Objective 2. Promotion of economic empowerment of socially vulnerable women.

Objective 3. Conduction of research, monitoring and lobbying for improvement of women's position in the society and adoption and implementation of laws that protect women's rights, particularly women victims of domestic violence.

Objective 4. Strengthening the sustainability of Zenski centar Trebinje through external fund raising, creation of local sources of income and support to the wellbeing of employees and other relevant stakeholders.