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Objective 1. Support to victims of domestic violence through a number of direct services.
- Victims of domestic violence encouraged to speak out on violence on them, to report it and encouraged to take control over their lives (through SOS lines and / or in person at the counseling center received a total of 303 reports of domestic violence; launched more than 124 legal actions).
-Victims of domestic violence pay more attention on their health care (Informative brochure has been prepared, 500 samples, for women from vulnerable categories that we are distributing in Eastern Herzegovina; held several workshops in the field of health education).

-Eastern Herzegovina has a developed multidisciplinary approach to combat domestic and other forms of violence on women and girls (In almost all cases processed participated fully or partially institution / organization signatory to the Agreement on cooperation in support of victims; held 18 round tables, 13 seminars, 24 workshops, 7 conferences with other NGOs, victims of domestic violence and as well as signatories on cooperation; conducts the monitoring of cooperation with the signatories of the Agreement on cooperation in order to improve and revise the existing legislative changes from the moment of signing up till now).
-Contribution to awareness raising of the public and breaking of taboos on domestic violence, including more appropriate media reporting (held 3 Public tribunes and 12 workshops for citizens, for thees three years held a total of 18 street campaigns, in every municipality in Eastern Herzegovina one at a time within the 16 days of activism; one workshop for the media on how to report).
Objective 2.To promote the economic empowerment of socially vulnerable women.
- Women from vulnerable categories are trained to start their own businesses in East Herzegovina (158 of them were given new knowledge and skills in the business plan; 13 of them are trained in various fields of vocational services – stain glass, sewing, crochet, knitting, weaving and jewellery ; 120 had received new information on the establishment and operation of women's cooperatives).
- Optimum conditions created for work, exhibition of products and marketing of products and services that will be provided by women victims of domestic violence and rural women living in poverty (through medieval market and Ethno room- where women got equipment and materials and exhibit space in Trebinje which allowed increase of their household budget).
- Female farmers from Eastern Herzegovina are organized and empowered to seek to improve their position (interbranched 71 women farmers in eastern Herzegovina; conducted analysis of the needs and concerns of women farmers with the recommendations).
- Packages of economic empowerment of women victims of domestic violence have been introduced on the local and entity level (at the local level Berkovic and Gacko have introduced a new budget line granting financial means to start self-employment for women victims of domestic violence; On entity level first two proposals our organization lobby on our own and the other three in collaboration with two other organizations ).
Objective 3. To conduct research, monitoring and advocacy to improve women's position in society and ensure adoption & implementation of laws to protect women's rights, especially women victims of domestic violence.
- Specific phenomena have been researched that relate to women's human rights and position of women in the society and family in BH (conducted studie, vidjeti rezime studije).
- A stronger women's lobby (Our organization has become a full member of the Safe Network and together with other organizations in this and other networks-Women's Network BiH, Women's business and others. works to strengthen women's lobby).
- Existing legislation that treats women's human rights has been improved (through the two-day conference of young feminists we lobbied for improving the existing legislation that treats violence against women; we have launched a strong campaign in 2015 to amend the legislation that treats the economic empowerment of women victims of domestic violence, we launched a campaign to amend the Family Law of RS and Law on Protection from Domestic Violence, which will also be transferred to the next period, because our demands are not respected but we do not give up on them-in this will help us planned monitoring of court cases as well as monitoring work of the police in the period 2016/17).- Increased number of women on lists after elections (in terms of street campaigns, we provided support to women politicians across the political spectrum in BH).
- Contribution to a more qualitative life of women in the society and family (organizing of numerous round tables, research, studies, public meetings, workshops, campaigns, media coverage, conferences and seminars, resulted in a contribution to raise awareness among the citizens in general, leading to better quality of life of women in society and in the family).
Objective 4. Strengthening the sustainability of Zenski centar Trebinje through external fund raising, creation of local sources of income and support to the wellbeing of employees and other relevant stakeholders.
-Thirty professionals from Eastern Herzegovina (police officers, social workers, health care workers and our organization) participated in a high quality training entitled "Burning out of professionals" .
-The members of our organization passed a total of three seminars for fundraising including seminars for establishment and management of the cooperative.