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During the reporting period, the main achievements are:
1. We managed to create the conditions for building a safe house, by collecting money through an extremely successful campaign to build a safe house in which over 100 physical and legal persons took part, and this is our first experience in gathering funds directly from citizens and legal entities. On that occasion was collected around 5,000 KM. And through the lobbying of the mayor of Trebinje to collect the rest of the money for its construction, which will surely amount to over 200,000 KM, as we are currently coordinating capacity (initially planned capacity was for 20 people) in order to reduce the costs of its construction. Our organization has recorded for this purpose a video that was broadcast for a long time on RT RS, ATV, ELTA TV, Herceg TV;

2. Achieving that women victims of domestic violence are economically empowered in the RS is partially achieved because they have been enabled to become self-employed. For the first time, women victims of domestic violence were introduced into incentive measures through the "RS Self-Government Program for 2017" at the level of the entire Republic of Srpska. Women victims of domestic violence are recognized as a new category of population for which the state allocates incentive funds in the form of non-returnable donations of up to 5,000 KM so that they can solve their own self-employment. We have managed to include women victims of domestic violence and part of their employment (which would mean that employers get an incentive for employment of this category) in the proposal of the "RS Employment Action Plan for 2018" that has yet to be adopted for the current year;
3. Through all the forms of our support (psychosocial support - group and individual and free legal aid) we provided 120 interventions during the reporting period. In addition, we have enhanced the multidisciplinary approach through the "Joint action platform for multidisciplinary team for combating domestic violence in Eastern Herzegovina". In total, we held 42 meetings (on an annual basis 6 regular meetings in each of the 6 municipalities of Eastern Herzegovina and one extraordinary in 2017 on the occasion of new circumstances for the construction of a safe house and 16 days of women's activism where we included street actions in all of these municipalities). This, our model was recognized by the Swedish Women's Organization (our donor) Kvinna till Kvinna as an example of good practice, and was included as such in their brochure (a cross-section of good practice from their establishment to date) which includes women's organizations around the world who are supported by them in various areas of women's human rights;
4. Our organization received excellent training from the NESst organization thanks to you in developing a business plan and market research, that meant a lot to us in practice and helped us to properly start the realization of this project.
In the reporting period, our organization founded, in 2016, the female agricultural cooperative with full responsibility "Smokvica" from Trebinje, where members are 8 women who are victims of domestic violence. After that, we found land owned by the state and signed a contract for the lease of forest land of 7 hectares with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of RS for 10 years with automatic extension under the same conditions. We have begun cleaning the terrain, which is covered with brushwood, but it is located in an excellent micro location for organic plantation of figs, and it has other important factors (along the Trebisnjica river, near the main road, only 15 km from the city center of Trebinje, ecologically preserved without pollution and threats from others). In the meantime, we received support from the German organization Help and the City of Trebinje to start the process of organic conversion that last for 3 years (at this moment our first year is paid). These funds were not directly transferred to us, but Help and the City of Trebinje directly paid the service to the BeHaBIOCert organic certification body for a period of one year. Also, for the construction of water intakes and drop by drop systems for irrigation of the plantation of figs, we realized through Cooperative co-financing by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of RS and through the "Women's Center" Trebinje from the Embassy of the Czech Republic.
It is certainly important to point out the achieved results that we managed to lobby within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the RS for the first time that in the "Ordinance on the conditions and method of achieving financial incentives for the development of agriculture and villages “:
- giving incentives for figs as a fruit crop (from 2017.) ;
- giving incentives for land mining (land melioration) only for Eastern Herzegovina (from 2018.).
This is certainly very important for the future of the development of figs farming in Eastern Herzegovina, which has no free meadows and fields but has already been forced to meliorate the land to create new free areas for the cultivation of mediterranean cultures. In this way, as pioneers, we will succeed in creating a new brand of Trebinje: figs!
We have come into contact with one of the top 3 experts in Europe for figs (he is from Croatia) who gave us the parameters for land preparation in order to create optimal conditions. So before us is a very demanding job of realization of a project that is very successful so far;
5. We wrote "pro bono" about the state of human rights regarding domestic violence in the area of Republic of Srpska for a shadow report that was only read in the UN by the initiators - The Advocates for Human Rights .