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-Monitoring the work of the police we made significant changes at the level of Eastern Herzegovina and in cooperation with the Police Department of Trebinje (formerly the Trebinje Public Safety Center) by introducing a "trusted person" who escorts the woman victim of domestic violence both at giving statements to the police, and at prosecution and in the court. During the monitoring we observed some of the shortcomings that occurred through personnel changes within the police (the transfer of trained policemen to work with victims to other departments such as narcotics, employment of new cadres) and we realized that it is necessary to train police officers for trainers (for field of domestic violence) so that they can transfer their knowledge to their colleagues and elders (this proposal is also included in the Platform and accepted by the ruling structure within the police). Within this project, our organization had a partner role, and the project was related to the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where in both Entities were selected two regions in which partner organizations had certain obligations that we have successfully implemented.